Executive Committee 

Anil Raghuvanshi   President

Anil Raghuvanshi


Anil Raghuvanshi, founder of ChildSafeNet, is a Nepalese child rights worker. He has an MBA degree from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has more than 27 years of experience in child protection with UN agencies and international agencies, which includes 15 years international service in nine countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and Caribbean region.

He has developed training modules on child protection and has coordinated a number of child protection situation analysis studies. Furthermore, while working as the Deputy Director of ECPAT International in Bangkok, Thailand (2003 – 2006), he had coordinated various research studies and served as a research advisor for studies on commercial sexual exploitation of children. He also worked with the team of the UN Secretary General's Study on Violence against Children (2006) and coordinated inputs to the study. While working with ECPAT International, he had contributed in managing "make-IT-safe" campaign for protection of children from sexual exploitation online.

As a child protection specialist, he has headed major emergency response teams in Indonesia,  Myanmar and Haiti. Before coming back to Nepal in 2017, he was working with UNICEF in Nigeria as the child protection emergency manager, protecting children from Boko Haram.

Pushkar Mathema   Vice - President

Pushkar Mathema

Vice - President

Pushkar Mathema, a resident of core Kathmandu, has more than 30 years of experience as a journalist with the first and the state-owned daily newspaper, Gorkhapatra. He had served two times as the Acting Chief Editor of the Gorkhapatra  daily. He had also served as the Acting Chief Editor The Rising Nepal, the English daily, published by Gorkhapatra Corporation.  Besides, he had contributed as the Chief Editor of Yuwa Manch and Muna, Gorkhapatra Corporation's monthly magazines for youth and children, respectively. He had also served as the coordinator of www.gorkhapatraonline.com. He has penned over 1,500 features and reports in various newspapers and magazines and have translated books. He was awarded Pradhan Journalism Award (2015) and Environmental Journalism Award (1995).

Pushkar, an MBA and a seasoned media expert and trainer, had also served as a media and communication consultant for various UN agencies and international organizations. He has a keen interest in theatre and is a well-recognized figure in the field of acting and direction. He has bagged a number of awards as the best actor and best director.

Parit Shrestha   General Secretary

Parit Shrestha

General Secretary

Parit Shrestha, a resident of Kathmandu, was raised and educated in India. He is an expert in computer motion graphics and digital marketing. He has a Bachelors degree in management from India and is the founder and the first CEO of a digital marketing company Red Circle Creative Solutions. Parit has expertise in motion graphics and digital marketing. He is soft-spoken and has a very good people skill. Parit is a good guitarist and is a good guitarist and an aspiring singer.

Riju Shrestha   Secretary

Riju Shrestha


Riju Shrestha, born in Kirtipur, Nepal, has a Masters degree in Social Work with a major in Mental Health and Psychosocial counseling. She believes that children and young people should be able to consume internet in a way that benefits them. She is committed as a Secretary in ChildSafenet and uses her experience and familiarity of the digital domain in doing her part in making internet a safer place for children and young people. She also heads Red Circle Creative Solutions, a digital marketing agency as the CEO and specializes in content creation. 

Ristha Shrestha   Treasurer

Ristha Shrestha


Ristha Shrestha, the youngest member of ChildSafeNet Executive Committee, is a resident of Lalitpur, Nepal. She has a bachelors degree in Social Work and Rural Development and has been working as a social worker with NGOs in Nepal. Ristha is freelancing graphic designer and has a good knowledge and experience in managing social media for organizations. Moreover, she is serving as the President of Leo Club of Manigal Global, Lalitpur.

Jasmine Rajbhandary   Executive Member

Jasmine Rajbhandary

Executive Member

Jasmine Rajbhandary was born in Lesotho, and grew up in various parts of Africa and the United States, as a “UN child”. She completed her Bachelors in Economics and Sociology from Binghamton University in New York.  After completing her Masters in International Development from American University in Washington DC she returned to Nepal in 1997. Since then has worked for human rights NGOs, Save the Children, DFID and now the World Bank. Her career has been focused on working with vulnerable communities, children, women, and helping in developing processes and services for their inclusion in development and improving their life outcomes.

At the World Bank, she is a Senior Social Protection Specialist and she leads on World Bank projects which help the Nepal government provide more efficient social protection services such as the social security allowances and in helping the government address the youth jobs agenda. She also works in Bhutan and India.

Ladina (Joshi) Maskay   Executive Member

Ladina (Joshi) Maskay

Executive Member

Ladina (Joshi) Maskay, born in Kathmandu, Nepal, has a Bachelors degree in management from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She has 26 years of experience in administration and management and have worked with national and international organizations in Nepal. She often dedicates her time as a social work volunteer. Currently, she is actively engaged with ChildSafeNet as an executive member.


Secretariat Team

Luneez Tuladhar   Programme Officer

Luneez Tuladhar

Programme Officer

Aashrika Chaudhary   Intern - Video Production

Aashrika Chaudhary

Intern - Video Production

Luneez Tuladhar is a resident from the core of Kathmandu. He has an undergraduate degree in business administration and a post-graduate diploma in international business from Pune University in India. After finishing his degree, he set his heart to working towards development and social service projects. Currently working as the Program Officer for ChildSafeNet Nepal, Luneez enjoys trekking and football in his free time.


Aashrika Chaudhary, a resident of Kathmandu, is a final year student of Bachelor’s of Art in Social Work. She had worked as a volunteer with Hatemalo Sanchar,  a centre for child rights resources and studies and Haamro Chahana Nepal. She had also participated in a training of trainers on cyber safety for children and young people, organized jointly by ChildSafeNet and Red Circle Creative Solutions. Earlier, Aashrika had worked as a teaching volunteer and a language interpreter. She enjoys travelling and interacting with people.