Awareness Raising

In Nepal, many children and young people are vulnerable to cyber crime as they do not know how to protect themselves online. Moreover, many parents and teachers themselves do not know about safe use of the digital technology. As a result, they cannot provide guidance to their children on online protection. Therefore, ChildSafeNet has been raising awareness of children, young people, parents, teachers and duty bearers on protecting children and young people online.

We use innovative and creative approaches for protection of children and young people in the digital age. In order to reach focused beneficiary groups, we produce and disseminate awareness and advocacy videos, motion graphics, radio programmes, animations and publications, which are tailor-made to cater to their specific needs and tastes.

Since the majority of people in Nepal use internet on mobile devices, we extensively use digital media to reach children, young people and their parents. We also work directly with children and young people in schools, colleges and communities. We are developing child and youth focused programmes in consultation and collaboration with them. Likewise, we are working with parents, teachers and other duty-bearers to make the technology safer.



Cyber Safety Awareness Programme at St. Xavier's School

ChildSafeNet organized a cyber safety awareness programme on 27 July 2018 at St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal. The programme benefited more than 500 class 8-10 students.

Parenting Workshop Standing Banner1.jpg

Parenting in the Digital Age Workshop

In order to educate parents on protecting their children online, ChildSafeNet conducted a one-day workshop with parents in Lalitpur, Nepal.


 Awareness Raising at CAN Info-Tech 2018

ChildSafeNet, in collaboration with Red Circle Creative Solutions, raised awareness on cyber safety for children and young people at the Info-Tech 2018 fair, organized by the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) from in January 2018.


One-Day Symposium

"Protecting Children and Young People in the Digital Age"

ChildSafeNet organized a one-day symposium at Kathmandu School of Law in April 2018, as a part of the Master of Human Rights and Democratization – Asia Pacific Programme 2017-2018 Cohort. 


Apex Life School Fair

ChildSafeNet, in collaboration with Apex Life School, conducted an awareness programme on cyber safety for children and young people in Education Fair at Apex Life School, Kapan, Kathmandu (on 7 March 2018). 


Bagmati Boarding School Fair

In collaboration with Bagmati Boarding School, Sukedhara, Kathmandu, on 3 March 2018, ChildSafeNet conducted an awareness-raising programme. ChildSafeNet had set up a stall and screened videos on cyber safety.