ChildSafeNet is dedicated to make the internet safer for children and young people.


Who we are

We are a non-governmental organization, established with a mission to make the digital technology safer for children and young people.  We work to raise awareness on safer use of the Internet and digital devices to protect children and young people from Internet addiction, online sexual abuse and exploitation, cyber-bullying, phishing, gaming addiction and to promote digital literacy. 

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What we do

We use innovative and creative approach for protection of children and youth in the digital age. In order to reach focused beneficiary groups, we produce and disseminate awareness and advocacy videos, motion graphics, radio programmes, animations and publications, tailor-made to cater their specific tastes. 

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Listen to the popular radio programme for young people, "Saathi Sanga Mankaa Kuraa" on cyber safety, developed in collaboration with ChildSafeNet.




"Online Saathi" (Online Friend) is a cyber safety awareness video for children and young people, produced by ChildSafeNet and Red Circle Creative Solutions, in partnership with Plan International Nepal and CZOP.


Cyber Safety Awareness Programme at St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

What ChildSafeNet does to protect children and young people in the digital age.

Beyond the Screen Time


Our Approach

Partnership, synergy and sharing of technical and financial resources for protection of children and young people, making their use of technology safer.

We work with children, youth, families, government, police, media, private sector duty-bearers and other partners.


Report online abuses and threats against children & young people.

Call toll-free helpline numbers.



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