What we do


ChildSafeNet works with children, young people, parents, schools, government, media, private sector and civil society organizations in promoting safer internet for children and young people.

In this digital age, information and communication technology is advancing tremendously. Along with the fast progress, this revolution brings with it numerous adversities and dangers. Children and young people are heavy users of the technology.  Unsafe use of the digital technology exposes them to serious harms, such as, online sexual abuse & exploitation, cyber bullying, phishing and sextortion. Such harms affect children's mental and cognitive development, humiliate and lower their self-esteem. Children, young people, parents, teachers and governments need to take cyber safety seriously and fulfill their responsibilities in making the internet safer place.


Three Main Areas of Our Work


Cyber Safety Training

ChildSafeNet regularly conducts cyber safety training for children, young people and parents/teachers. Most of such training sessions are conducted in schools and colleges.


 We conduct research studies to understand behavior of children and young people, their vulnerability, awareness level as well as the magnitude of the problem affecting them from the harmful use of the digital technology

Awareness Raising

We use innovative and creative approaches to raise awareness for protection of children and young people. We produce and disseminate awareness and advocacy videos, motion graphics, radio programmes, animations and publications, tailor-made to cater specific needs.