Parenting in the Digital Age

Why Parents Should Manage Children’s Screen Time

Parents can try to organize more games, arts and crafts with their children or draw and colour on real paper rather than just giving children mobile devices. Likewise, it is extremely beneficial if parents encourage children to play sports and play together. Parents can read stories, make comic strips, take a day out or play a board game with their children. They can also organize ‘Weekends without Wi-Fi’. This doesn’t need to be for the whole day, even just a few hours will give everyone the chance to spend some quality time together. It can be scheduled in advance so that children know to have their homework finished. Then, do something fun together. Families can do creative things and learn new skills by spending more quality time together, at least during weekends and holidays.

ChildSafeNet recommends that children’s bedrooms be screen-free zones and that they use an alarm clock instead of using the alarm feature on mobile phones. It can also be helpful to establish clear and consistent rules about when and where children use devices and for how much time. Then stick to them! It is not recommended to ban the Internet all together. It can be useful and often, children will need it for their homework. Technology can also provide fun options for family time. Watching a movie with children or challenging them to a video game will delight them.  Read more …