Survey on Cyber Safety


In order to develop a knowledgebase on cyber safety among children and young people, ChildSafeNet initiated a survey with children (8 – 17 years old) and young people (18 – 24 years old) in January 2018. The survey aims to collect information on

-        cyber safety awareness among children, young people,

-        online behavior of children and young people,

-        online threats and risks to children and young people,

-        knowledge on making the internet safer, and,

-        reporting mechanisms.

Likewise, a survey on parenting in the digital age was also started at the same time, which aims to collect information on knowledge of parents on cyber safety and making the internet safer for their children.

More than two thousand children, young people and parents have participated in the survey in Kathmandu valley and its periphery. Survey was conducted in schools, colleges and CAN Info-tech. Survey is currently at the data entry stage.







Survey data entry by an all female team

at Love Green Nepal, Panchkhal, Kabhrepalanchok