Cyber Safety Training

ChildSafeNet regularly conducts cyber safety training for children, young people and parents/teachers. Most of such training sessions are conducted in schools and colleges. ChildSafeNet developed three interactive and engaging training modules, tailored to suit three different types of beneficiaries - children, young people and parents/teachers. Innovative methods are used to make the training sessions interesting and easy to comprehend, which includes, quiz, videos and discussions.

In order to expand the training programme, ChildSafeNet conducts extensive training of trainers (ToTs) for developing highly qualified trainers on cyber safety for children and young people.  Besides, the trainers developed through ToTs, are further coached and mentored to enhance their technical knowledge on cyber safety and training skills. 


Training of Trainers on Cyber Safety

ChildSafeNet, in partnership with Red Circle Creative Solutions, conducted a three-day cyber safety training of trainers (ToT) workshop from 29 April to 1 May 2018 in Lalitpur, Nepal, benefiting twenty-one young participants.


Cyber Safety Training in Schools and Colleges

ChildSafeNet has been conducting cyber safety training sessions in schools and colleges to protect children and young people from harmful use of the digital technology.


Cyber Safety Class for Miss Nepal 2018 Finalists

ChildSafeNet conducted a one-day interactive cyber safety class for Miss Nepal World 2018. The beauty pageant contestants were provided information on making the digital technology safer.