"Parenting in the Digital Age" Sessions at Kathmandu World School

ChildSafeNet conducted "Parenting in the Digital Age" awareness sessions at Kathmandu World School on 23, 25 and 26 August 2019. Over 180 parents were made aware on online risks for children and what parents can do to protect them from screen addiction, online sexual abuse & exploitation, cyberbullying, phishing and other forms of cyber crimes.

Parents thanked ChildSafeNet for conducting cyber safety awareness sessions and expressed interest in attending workshops on parenting education to protect children online. They also suggested ChildSafeNet to conduct cyber safety training sessions for students

Mr Rajeev Chhetri, Principal, Kathmandu World School expressed interest to conduct cyber safety training and awareness programmes for students and parents as well as teachers and school staff. ChildSafeNet has developed tailor-made training modules for children, young people and parents/teachers. and has been conducting cyber safety training and awareness sessions in schools, colleges and communities.

Photos: Nikesh Tandukar, Red Circle Creative Solutions and Junu Vaidya, ChildSafeNet