Training of Trainers on Cyber Safety

10-12 May 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

ChildSafeNet conducted a three-day Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshop on Cyber Safety for Children and Young People for Grameen Mahila Srijansheel Pariwar (GMSP), a Sindhupalchok-based non-governmental organization. The ToT workshop was conducted in Kathmandu from 10 – 12 May 2019 with the support of The Johanniter International.

Objectives and Focus

The training aimed to equip GMSP staff with the knowledge and skills to conduct cyber safety training, so that they can help to protect children and young people. The training focused on the internet safer for children and young people and on protecting them from the harmful uses of technology. Furthermore, we explained how they can be protected from online sexual abuse and exploitation, cyber bullying, cyber grooming, phishing, sexting, sextortion and internet & gaming addiction.

Day 1: Provide technical knowledge on cyber safety to the participants: Alongside the resource persons from ChildSafeNet, external resource persons conducted sessions on the psychological impacts of internet and gaming addiction, the legal provisions on cyber safety in Nepal and online sexual abuse & exploitation.

Day 2: Ensure that the participants fully-understood the knowledge gained: Various activities were conducted to ensure that the participants gained conceptual clarity on the issues related to cyber safety and on a child’s right to freedom of expression, privacy, protection, access to information and protection from online harms. Participants understood that children and young people should enjoy the same rights online that they are entitled to offline.

Day 3: Provide training skills and ensure that the participants are capable to deliver training: To ensure that the participants’ have the knowledge and skills to be good trainers, on the last day of the workshop, they were taught how to conduct training sessions. They were given the opportunity to practice conducting practical training sessions. Resource persons assessed the sessions and gave advice on how to improve their training skills. They plan to conduct cyber safety training sessions for children and young people in schools and in child clubs in the Sindhupalchok district.