ChildSafeNet conducts research studies to understand behavior of children and young people, their vulnerability, awareness level as well as the magnitude of the problem affecting them from the harmful use of the digital technology. In 2018, ChildSafeNet conducted a survey with children and young people on cyber safety.


Survey on Cyber Safety

In order to develop a knowledge-base on cyber safety among children and young people, ChildSafeNet initiated a survey with children (8 – 17 years old) and young people (18 – 24 years old) in January 2018.

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Desktop Research

Desktop research is used by ChildSafeNet as a key method to build knowledge-base on cyber safety. Relevant secondary information, including from research studies and publications are collected and compiled.


Online Research

ChildSafeNet has conducted research using online technology, including through the social media and use of mobile devices. Short questionnaires are used to collect data from such researches.